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By Johnnie Tremaine – Just as you would have expected:  the Republican attack dogs Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, and Cantor claimed President Obama’s jobs bill is “class warfare”, the old Rove trick of falsely accusing your opponents of what you yourself are in fact doing.  Class Warfare!  Hey, guys! What do you think outlawing unions, giving tax breaks to rich assholes and then making the middle-class pay for it is?  How about extending the Bush tax cuts and then crying about the huge deficit and how we have to cut spending to pay for them by voucherizing Social Security and cutting Medicare and Medicaid?  You bastards have a lot of nerve:  accusing the Obama administration of “class warfare” for trying to create jobs by using some half-baked old republican ideas and then asking the fabulously rich to chip in a little bit more to help pay for them, when the wealthy have had it all their way for thirty years now.  These republicans are not only “wholly owned subsidiaries” of the corporations and the millionaires and billionaires, they are also soul-less, heartless, without integrity – and stupid.  Off with their heads!