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By Bifford CaulfieldHerman Cain, the new darling of the right has come out with a jingoistic 999 plan to cure America of all that ails it, and the plans simplicity (for obvious reasons) appeals to the none too brainy tea-baggers and their nutty, dysfunctional friends.  The only problem is, if you take a $12 calculator and run some basic math, it would reduce the revenue of the country by a little less than half what the Treasury is taking in now without cutting any expenses.  If the is a genius to the plan, and it is an exceedingly evil genius at that, the plan actually needs to abolish Social Security and Medicare in order to be anything but a laugher at that.

To make matters worse, Cain says that an economist friend of his helped him come up with the plan:  a person who turns out to be a teller in a Wells Fargo bank branch with no training in economics whatsoever.  Even more hysterical, his buddy appears to have borrowed the idea from a scenario choice in one of the Sim City computer games.  You just couldn’t make this stuff up, as the saying goes.  Expect Cain to begin to sink as fast as he surged in the coming days.  He’s a blow hard — and a crackpot.  Ultimately, he will be what he was in the beginning — an absurdity and a laughingstock.

God-bless you for trying, though, Herman.  At least you picked the right year.  Look at the repugnant-ones presidential field for Christ’s sake.  Only a lot of money could possibly make any of these guys look like anything but what they are — a caricature of a political party.