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It’s Time to Restrict the Power of the Supreme Court!

By Tony Petramonico — Buddy Caldwell, the Attorney General of the state of Louisiana spoke this week on the steps of the Supreme Court, saying that he trusted the healthcare of the American people in the hands of the U.S. government more than he trusted it in the hands of the insurance companies.  Sounds like he had personal experience with a friend or relative having serious health issues.  That’s generally all it takes for people to see and understand this  issue a little more clearly.

But I have greater concerns than that.  As contentious, plodding, ineffective and dysfuncti0nal as Congress has clearly been during most of the recent sessions, I trust the Congress and the President to make laws and form policy for the American people way more than I now trust the Supreme Court to do it.   In fact, I don’t trust the five conservatives on the Supreme Court at all.  The pretense that they are just and impartial arbiters of complex and contentious legal issues in the judicial system has been exposed as just that — a pretense.  And most recently, several of the conservatives have even abandoned the pretense and revealed themselves for what they are: ideologues participating in an extra-legal power grab for conservatives,  using the judicial branch of government as their cover. I am okay with people with different ideologies and viewpoints arguing their positions and am comparatively comfortable with the results of those arguments manifesting themselves in a final, considered, well-argued point of view — and vote — even if it goes against my preferences.

But to hear Scalia, Aliota, and Roberts talk the non-sense of broccoli, cell-phones, and ringing their hands about “over-reach” when they themselves are by far the biggest perpetrators of judicial activism and over-reach of power and authority in American politics and government today.

And there sits Clarence Thomas – and his wife.  She has been such a tireless cheerleader for the anti-Affordable Care Act forces, not as a matter of  ideology or principle, but  for money – that she is controversial in her own right, irrespective of the Supreme Court.  But for Thomas to sit there, saying nothing (which is probably prudent, in this instance), without recusing himself   — in what is glaringly obvious to us all a  conflict of interest of  major dimensions, is not only arrogant and injudicious, but shameful  — and it tarnishes not only his personal honor and integrity, but casts deserved doubt upon the integrity and impartiality of the entire Supreme Court.     He does not deserve the trust, nor the respect of the American people. And maybe the court at large doesn’t either.

And the saddest part of all is that you get the sense the Thomas’s are just out there money-grubbing.   They are getting theirs while the getting is good, and may the 30 million Americans without health insurance just go hang!  Sad and shameful, indeed!