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Romney and Ryan – Are They Really Social Darwinist Twins?

By Peter Le Force — It’s hard to know what is really on their minds, but both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan showed up and did a political duet, in which they proposed converting the United States to a Social Darwinist utopia for the already fabulously rich!  Mitt Romney, smiling broadly, waving all the while, like the rodeo queen and Poster Boy cheerleader for rich people and all varieties of things that are good for the 1%, the richest of the rich — and terrible for the rest of us!

One would hope that in Paul Ryan’s case, he may have just been informed by his financial “sugar daddies” that Social Darwinism is the thing that makes sense for them, in that they are already rich, and are enjoying the power and influence that generally comes with being rich in our social-political system, and that they would like to use that power and influence to get more money from wherever it can be stolen.   From their prospective, all they want now is more laws and policies which make them richer, thus amplifying even more their voice and their influence, so they can  pass even more laws that take from the 99% and give to the rich.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just all about grabbing more money and power for those that already have the most — and screwing everybody else.

From a purely political point of view, though, it doesn’t seem very astute to appear with your political party’s leading prospective Presidential candidate and double down on perhaps the most unpopular idea among 99% of the voters that has come along in a few decades.  I mean the basic idea is that you slather the rich with another $3 trillion dollars  in additional tax cuts that they don’t need (and may not even be asking for), and propose cutting every socially enlightened idea and program that has made United States the land of fairness and opportunity since the end of slavery.  He could be just a resolute ideologue, but even if he were it would seem like you might play down the grotesque unfairness and the undemocratic chicanery manifest in a policy that would double-down on the give-aways to the already rich, and pay for it on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society. And say it nationally, on television, in full view, standing with your leading Presidential candidate as if the two of you were a couple of bosom buddies off on a  great,  plutocratic — welfare-state-for-the-rich — crusade!

And poor Romney!   He never seems to know quite where he is nor what he is saying, really.  No one is surprised that he gets up on stage with a person, who while viewed as political anathema by most enlightened political pundits, continues to crow proudly about his plans for making the rich, richer, and everyone else poorer to pay for it. And Romney is up there, bobbing his head and smiling vacuously, golf-waving to the crowd, like the really uncool guy who has finally found an opportunity to stand on-stage beside the Homecoming King at the ball.

He is not only tone-deaf, but he wants to be liked by everyone so badly that he espouses the view points of everyone he appears with and talks to and does an interview with, like it was the 1850’s and most of the political speeches a candidate gave were from the back of a moving train and what was said was lost to the world the instant the train left the station.  Instead, he creates miles of video tape of himself saying unconscionable things — unelectable, contradictory, insensitive, tone-deaf things — that the American people will have thrown in their faces ceaselessly 24/7 for months and months as the Presidential campaign gathers steam.  It looks like irreparable damage to me.  It’s a little like when the Sandra Fluke news earthquake happened,  outraging women across America for weeks and weeks, with Rush Limbaugh losing 150 plus advertisers as a result, and Romney waits until the frenzy is at its zenith, then goes on national television and says — “oh, yeah…we will end planned parenthood when I’m elected. We’ll just end it! For sure!”  And then smiles broadly like the carnival barker giving away a teddy bear!

Well, let me confess.  I hope Romney’s Presidential train has left the station — leaving his chances of becoming President far behind.  But it seems like,  if he really wanted to be President, Romney would  be a little bit better at the — actually running for President — part —  by now.