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GOP Senator Mitch McConnel Lies About GOP Women’s Views on “War Against Women”

By Peter Le Force — In a startlingly disingenuous mini-press conference, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky)  lashed out at pronouncements in the press and by the cable TV pundits regarding their  “war on women”.  He said he thought that all the chatter about the  cheap shots  by the Republican party against women  upsetting women so much it was causing them to move  away from the GOP  and into the arms of the democrats —  were utter nonsense.

Just ask some Republican women if they’re unhappy with anything the Republican party is doing!  Ask Kay Bailey Hutchison and Olympia Snow!  Ask Lisa Murkowski (GOP Senator from Alaska)!

So someone did.  Well, in a case or two someone asked, in others the women strode defiantly forward and said straight out that the Republicans needed to get their heads out of their “you-know-whats” and get down to the business of jobs and the economy.

I don’t know whether Mitch McConnell was flat-out lying, on the ever-present Karl Rove and Republican assumption that all you have to do is tell a big fat lie on national television, and most of the people will believe you just because you have the “hair” to stand up and tell a bald face lie on television — on the record.  It’s a  little hard to believe  that one, still.

Or — maybe the low regard with which Republican men hold women in general — simply colored his consciousness and he actually believed that not only would women just docilely go along with whatever  their superior male counterpoints said, however punitive it was, that he just plunged whimsically ahead.

Or — as is perhaps even more likely — since he, like many GOP males,  didn’t appear to care very much what women thought anyway,  simply hadn’t bothered to spend much time cultivating the art and skill of actually paying attention and making a small mental note of how the women in their party were reacting to some of their predatory, disrespectful — in fact, abusive ideas, proposals and laws being brought up — and passed.

What ever it is  — one thing seems very apparent.  The Republican party pols are  not only tone deaf to the American people — particularly women — but they’re tone-deaf to each other as well.  Crazy!

May “Le Force” Be With You!