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Christian Evangelists Still Waiting For The Rapture!

By Bifford Caulfield -- I was so disappointed that the "rapture" never came in May of 2011.  I had always believed  that the "rapture" movement was just the universe  "recalling"  all the defective units.  Can you imagine what a wonderful place this would be,  without the Tea Party and the radical, right-wing Christian Evangelists cluttering up the Earth.  And I love the guy who amassed a personal fortune estimated to be in the $70 million range just predicting a Rapture moment every so often -- and asking people to send him money to help spread the word so all good Christians could have their bibles packed and be ready to go. I sent him an email in early May 2011, volunteering to look after the $70 million after his fast train out of here arrived and departed again -- but I heard nothing back from him - not even before the glorious day came -- and then went.   Perhaps he knew something the rest of us didn't?