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Romney Crowd At Ford Stadium in Detroit Underwhelming!

Either Willard Mitt Romney or his campaign officials are disastrously managing the Romney campaign.  They rent Ford Stadium, a venue where the Detroit Lions of the NFL perform on Sundays, capable of holding 65,500 people, schedule a campaign event, and then when the evidence suggests they are going to have a hard time drawing a respectable crowd, rather than cancel, move, or reschedule the stop, they down-size it and put it between the 35 yard line and the goal posts — and plan for tight shots to make it look packed — and they still don’t draw enough people to fill the 1200 folding chair seats they packed in close to the stage to make it look well-attended.  Either this campaign is falling off the cliff  by virtue of its own dead-weight – or its being pushed off the cliff expeditiously  by an incompetent campaign staff.  Maybe both.  Cracker-ville may yet get its wish.  Santorum for President!