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Santorum and Buddy Franklin Graham Continue GOP Kabooki Dance!

By Bifford Caulfield Santorum spoke over the President’s Day weekend that the reason democrats (primarily that monster, Obama) want pre-natal care for women is because it’s just their big ruse to have doctor’s declare babies health-compromised in some way such that they can use fear tactics to scare women into having abortions for their troubled fetuses — all because the cheap democrats just don’t want to spend money on healthcare for the poor little persons once they are born.  Democrats want to abort these babies  so they won’t  have to spend money on healthcare for them.  Yo, Rick.  Got some news for you brother:  Republicans are the ones who are all about denying pregnant women and new mothers and their babies healthcare.  And poor people — and blacks– and Latinos — and unemployed — and disabled people, etc. ect.

Point of information, Ricky:  Democrats are all for spending as much money as it takes to provide families healthcare, even if it means — gasp! — taxing the millionaires and billionaires a few pennies more.  Get real, oh disingenuous one!

And now, Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, has stated that Obama must not be a Christian even though he says he is, because islamists consider him a muslim because he had a muslim father  — and that makes him one.  Islamists believe this, he says, so it must be — or at least could very possibly — be true.

My theory is that when the Rapture did not come in May, 2011, like scheduled.  These right wing republican evangelist fanatics have come down with a deep, maniacal depression and have spiraled into “Lack-of-Rapture” cabin fever because the great escape from this prison planet on earth they have helped create for everyone has been denied them.  It is just too boring and too limited here o earth to tolerate — and it has driven them stark raving crazy!  No other explanation!  They certainly are crazy.  The real question is why are we even listening to these lunatics and why are we putting them on TV?