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Republicans are Shills for Rich Individuals and Corporations!

By Bifford Caulfield –– If you can name 10 things the Republicans have done that directly benefited Middle Class people and contributed to wealth and opportunity equality in America, I’d love to hear them.  I can’t come up with any.  Comment on this blog and let me know.  It’s always a mystery to me why poor, unemployed, under-educated people from sparsely populated states run out and vote Republican like they had something in common with them.

They complain about government assistance, and they are usually from states that get more from the Federal government than they pay in.  But they love Republicans, who are always working against the best interests of the dis-advantaged and preyed-upon,  and hate people just like themselves who are down and out and never had a sucker’s chance to succeed in this country.  It must be some kind of economic, financial, political or social — Stockholm Syndrome.