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Republicans Are Against Everything American!

By Peter Le Force — Republicans are against everything American.  They are against the equal voting rights. They are against healthcare and education for everyone except the wealthy.  And even though they’re rich, they want the “small” government they claim to love so much to give them vouchers so that they do not even have to pay to have their own children educated.

These guys are liars and crooks, mooches, cry-babies, and they can’t compete in a global economy without subsidies by the government in the form of tax breaks, loop-holes, investment tax credits, and government give-aways to corporations.

They want the government to peak into the vaginas of our wives, girl-friends, and daughters.  They want contraception outlawed.  They want companies to be able to pick and choose what healthcare services their employees are entitled to.  I bet they’d be FOR aspirin for contraception – and toothaches.  Against cancer treatment for moral and religious reasons! And if you get seriously ill, stay out of God’s way and his decision about what is best for you — the seriously and terminally ill.  I mean God knows best.  It’s his call, you know!  It would be sacriligeous to intervene.

They want lower taxes for rich people, higher taxes for middle class and the working poor — reduced Social Security, medicare, and medicaid for seniors, poor people, children, the sick – and disabled — to pay for government hand-outs for millionaire and billionaire individuals and corporations.

They want less regulation and more tax loop holes for the rich, and more restrictions on the right to vote for everyone else who will suffer or be victimized by those policies.  They want grey, old, puffy white guys to inspect all the vaginas of women in America, and then let them decide by a straw vote about who should decide whether or not they can have contraceptives.

And like Barney Frank famously said years ago.  Republicans are pro-life from the moment of conception until the moment of birth.  And then they pass laws and make policy to demonstrate that they wash their hands of American children and the American poor, old, and disabled people from the moment of birth until their (hopefully) timely death as soon as they can’t work for scraps anymore.

When the American people finally figure out what these bastards are up to, there won’t even be a Republican party anymore.  There will be a band of fugitives fleeing to other countries to escape having their heads lobbed off in the name of the new America.  These guys are the cancer killing America, the American middle-class, and American Democracy.