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Republicans Believe That If They Lie Long Enough, It Becomes True Somehow!

By Bifford Caulfield — Other than the pleasure of having a secret friend, or trading stocks with the benefit of inside knowledge to guarantee themselves a profit, Republican C0ngressional members probably haven’t found anything quite as  enthralling as the knowledge that they operate in an environment in which they can walk out in public, in broad day light, with the television cameras rolling, tell a big fat whopping lie as if it was fact, and within minutes Foxx News and its affiliates and Clear Channel radio stations are simulcasting the lie relentlessly throughout their echo chambers, such that by the end of the day the lie is  treated as outright historical fact — and information of  serious gravitas, the merits of which deserve serious public discussion and debate.

It was always a Lee Atwater and Karl Rove propaganda technique to tell a damaging lie about a political opponent and then have it repeated endlessly until it was accepted as truth — or at least acknowledged as  “probably true” in most of the low information voting public’s mind.  In the beginning it was done with some insouciance, a little hesitation, so that if they were suddenly and unexpectedly called out for the lie, they could dissemble, claim they were quoted out of context — were merely misunderstood — or, in extreme cases — they, themselves, had simply misspoken.

It must be, though, that after lying unabashedly in public and on national television and nothing ever happens except the professional pundits run to their stations and begin to deliberate the finer policy points and nuances inherent in the lie, that they began to think — wow! — all I have to do is say what ever I want people to believe and by the time Foxx and Clear Channel get done, half the world or more believes it.  So in a way, it must be like having a license to invent facts.

It’s this kind of deafening echo chamber propaganda repeat machine that has enabled Santorum, for example, to state in public, as fact, a huge lie like when he stated that over half the people who entered hospitals in the Nederlands were put to death deliberately, against, their will — and that this was why many people in that country didn’t go to the hospital because they were afraid.  Nobody was more surprised to hear of this than the Dutch, because not only was it not true, but there wasn’t even a related story or statistic that could have been misinterpreted.  He just made it up out of whole cloth.

And then there’s Romney saying that Obama didn’t cause the Great Recession, but he made it worse.  Or that unemployment and the economy were getting worse everyday under President Obama’s stewardship.  Or Mitch McConnell stating that no women were upset by the Republican “war on women”, challenging the press to just go talk to a few of them and find out for themselves.  And when the press does, it is quickly and dramatically revealed that he is just full of crap.

The lie so much, in fact, these Republicans, that when called out in public with the facts to show that they are lying, they shamelessly shrug their shoulders and say, “to each his own”, or “everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints.

That’s revealing.  It’s like, to them, the facts are just different viewpoints — to be espoused whenever and wherever their invented facts will support the political expediency of the moment.

Maybe this will be the election year that the American people will decide the having a Presidential candidate that tells the truth about things is the minimum requirement to run for the highest elected office in the land! If not, they should content themselves with a bull-shitter and a lier for President and quit complaining about the contentious atmosphere surrounding politics!