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Santorum Blows the Racist Dog Whistle — Invokes the French Revolution!

Rick Santorum, the right wing un-presidential candidate, blew the racist dog-whistle by reminding the toadies that follow him around that we have a black man in the “white” house. Now of course he knew it would be hard to portray President Obama as an “angry” black man, which is usually the scare tactic those cretins use to inflame racist fear and hatred, so he described Obama’s occasional assertiveness as “pushing us around”, and said that if we let him keep it up and he got what he wanted, the next thing we know,  it would be the French Revolution all over again. And he would do the same thing to us and the churches now as the French government had done to them during the French revolution. Or something like that.

I think he  may be a little confused about who did what to whom back then.

Hey, Rick.  The heads of the church had their heads cut off right along with their buddies and co-oppressors, the French noblemen and noblewomen because they were all on the same team — abusing the common people and perpetuating social and  financial inequality and injustice.  Sound familiar!