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Santorum Says Dutch Hospitals Murder Their Patients!

By Frank Glenn -- Rick Santorum said in a speech this week that people in the Netherlands are afraid to go to the hospital there because 50% of them are involuntarily put to death when they go there -- for any reason.  The Dutch just can't believe this guy is considered a serious political candidate in the United States.  Welcome to Uncle Cracker land, guys! This guy is certainly a liar -- but he is also either stupid -- or crazy! Maybe he all three.  Liar.  Stupid.  Crazy.  Anyway -- he's history now.  I can't even imagine a warped billionaire would bet millions on a double-loser lame political horse.  Santorum probably thinks he enhanced his chances of being a serious candidate next Presidential election.  I can't really see him working another job, either.  But -- truthfully -- I think he spent this whole year proving to the American people that he is an untrustworthy, unstable, tone-deaf ideologue who has not place within 5,000 miles of the White House.  In other words - he should be out of the country -- but who would have him?