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Romney Lives By Golden Rule — The Guy With The Gold Makes The Rules!

By Stephanie Devereaux — In most ways Mitt Romney is a little bit unpredictable.  I mean he has multiple views on most issues.  Depending on where he is and who he is talking to.  And in some cases which Senior moment he finds himself arrested in.

But one thing is sure.  He thinks only rich people know business.  He believes, not an original thinker here) that what is good for business is what is good for the country — or at least what should be going on whether its good for individual, isolated groups in the country or not.  It’s Just how the world is supposed to work.


And Romney, without Ron Paul, Ron Santorum and Newt Gingrich as political gyroscopes,   is liable to say or do almost anything as he gears up for the circus act campaign of his lifetime.  And his advisors are even more scattered.

By philosophy Romney is a relativist, heavily influenced by his business experience and “wealth shall rule” view of how business should operate.  Social Darwinism isn’t  just a philosophy to Mitt, its common sense. It’s how you do it!   I got the money and whatever power that comes with it.  Why should I give it up — or voluntarily accept any limitations on what my hard-earned money can purchase for me.  And why shouldn’t I use the influence it can buy to make sure that monopoly, crony capitalism is the dominant business model and political philosophy of the country.

I mean, guy!  It’s business!  That’s how it is done.  Barack Obama doesn’t understand American business.  He’s never even downsized a corporation, for Chrissake!

I mean, it just makes sense that we all live by the “Golden Rule: Him that gots the gold makes the rules.”

I mean, what….?  You want poor people that have no money, little education, and only faint ambition to have any say in how wealthy, powerful people conduct themselves and their businesses — and the laws they pass to aid and abet that effort.  How could ordinary people do it?  They don’t understand how to make money — or they’d have some.  They don’t understand how business works in this country.  How could they — they don’t have any money? Not any serious money, anyway.   Oh, did I tell you — I’m Mitt Romney.  “I’m rich. Did I say that, already?  And, oh, another thing.  I have a lot of rich friends, too!  Hell, I should be annointed President, not elected to it.  I’m already selected. Already chosen!