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Santorum Does the Dance and Dog Whistles for the Right

By Bifford Caulfield  — Sad sack Rick Santorum blew the racist dog whistle for his mad dog crazy followers this week by telling us that President Obama does not listen to us because he thinks he knows better than us (he sure knows better than you, Rick) , and that he thinks that he’s smarter than us (and he’s definitely smarter than you and your whacked out crazy cheer leaders, Sanny boy). Insani-torium went even further and said that the President enjoys “pushing us around (us white boys, because he’s black, you know), and that if we don’t stop him by electing Rick, the next thing he’ll do is drag out the guillotines and play French revolution all over again on us.  The pushing around part is that he’s forcing Catholics to practice birth-control and that, just like the French noblemen, he was forcing religious leaders to do things against their will.

A brief aside here:  1) first, since Santorum’s parents obviously did Americans a grave disservice by not practicing birth-control, the guillotine may be the only alternative to ultimately deal with him and his band of crazies that make sense (there’s no cure for stupid, it has been presciently noted); 2) Mr. Santorum, who, based on his various historical references make Michelle Bachman look quite informed–educated, even– also apparently had not read enough about the French revolution to know that religious leaders in France at that time were primarily toadies for the plutocrats like they are today, and were guillotined right along with the nobility of France because they were all oppressing and abusing the common people together.

In 2006 Santorum ran for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania and lost by 18 percentage points.  And these were the people who lived around him and knew him best.  I am not religious, but I am secretly praying that he gets the nomination.  I felt a little sorry for Bob Dole in 1996 in his run against Clinton.  But Santorum makes Bob Dole look like Mr. Smooth as a political candidate.

I understand why he is surging, though.  The crazies and the haters have tried on every color of dress in their political Walmart dress shop, and now their political wardrobe closets are absolutely bare.  They have no ideas worth hearing and no policy proposals worth implementing and the American people more and more are coming to realize that — and Republicans are desperate,  and bitter.  So they are hating on women and gays and blacks and Latinos and anyone else who is not a right wing religious nut or fascist crazy. And there are a lot of them so that is a big, very unsatisfying, continuously tiring hate job.