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“Zombie” Michigan state Republican Legislators Reveal Their Faltering — Devolving and Degenerating Brain DNA?

By Bifford Caulfied — While Mitt Romney, his wife Ann, and other surrogates are out there appearing with women as props and telling us that what women really care about is not their healthcare and sovereignty of their own body issues — but really what the “economy” and “jobs” are doing — and disavowing,  thru testimonials by chromosomally damaged females (though they may have two “x” chromosomes – and maybe a “z” ), that there is a “war on women” by Republicans throughout the country — the “vagina” catastrophe in the Michigan House of Representatives sharpens the focus on women’s issues at a time when Romney’s popularity among women had appeared to stabilize temporarily.

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The tragic and ominous over-view of this issue, however, resides in the fact that as global free market capitalism — neo-liberalism it is called abroad — undermines food, water, and land sovereignty in nation-states, communities, and whole countries in the name of profit — and life itself — from microbial to plant genetics to human beings itself are with increasing frequency viewed — or caricatured — for legislative and economic predation purposes — to be nothing more than profitized commodities — to be bought and sold, expropriated, harvested, polluted, if necessary, and confiscated — and exploited for profit all around the world.

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The really criminal component of this Republican behavior is that it is not just about healthcare, or abortion, or reproductive rights — or a disagreement over methods of contraception, birth control, or family planning — it is about reducing the mystic and sacred act of creating life to a mere discussion of the means of production of humans — with the message from the right taking the form that there is nothing sacred about life, genetics, food, water, land or air — they are all just commodities to be seized, controlled, managed for profit — confiscated, preyed upon, exploited for political, personal or financial gain — and that as soon as we can destroy the myth of a woman’s sovereignty over her own reproductive processes — including her capacity and free will to control her own body and the life giving processes that women are blessed with — the sooner the entirely of life can be reduced to commodities suitable for commercial gain —  and profit-making.

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You see — once we have reduced even the female reproductive processes and the accompanying miracle of giving birth to simple matters of commerce and commodities — doesn’t it become a little quaint — and intrinsically self-defeating to plead for “seed sovereignty” — or protest that we shouldn’t be able to patent life forms and charge royalties for the use of seeds to plant and grow food.  Once human reductive processes and human life itself has been de-mystified and commercialized  — all the other arguments about the “special” nature of seeds and plants and the sacredness of other life-forms become somewhat trivial — banal — and silly — even.  Once a woman is no longer in control of her own biological processes –her own sacred seed — what earthly right does she have to fret her little head about  the sacred nature of other’s seeds — or a little predatory plant and animal bio-piracy for profit — from time to time.  Once human life is not sacred — no life is sacred.  Then they are all just commodities of commerce — to be bought and sold as corporations feel inclined — to the highest bidder — solely for profit.

Welcome to your preview of the world Republicans seek — and will definitely bring you — if they can.  Or, better said — if we let them.