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Do Republicans Really Hate Women? Enough To Pay the Political Price For Waging War on Them?

By Stephanie Devereaux — So it would seem.  And if not, then they are just using the “War on Women” as their surrogate war on and lesson to the underprivileged — to be mindful of their proper station —  in the hierarchy of politics, power, and society — by demonstrating that if they had the power in Congress — and wanted to — that they could take women’s rights in the United States back to somewhere around the time of  the Dark Ages.

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Maybe they all hate their mommies for not giving them enough candy when they were toddlers — or maybe they were just insanely jealous of their sisters because their sisters were smarter (not hard to imagine) and more talented in all other aspects of life (a good reason to be jealous enough of someone to wish inflict their ill will on them).  But whatever the cause is, the bulk of the Republicans seem either “hell-bent” on — or content to passively acquiesce as more rabid Republicans make every frantic effort to undermine women’s health and civil liberties — and to put them back in their apocryphal cages “where they belong”.

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The saddest part of it all, though, is the number of “enabler” women who trot out in front of microphones and flatly protest that there is no such thing as a war on women — the women do not themselves care about the civil, employment, and healthcare rights of women.  That they, like their Republican masters, only want the jobs that they claim the  Obama administration has refused to give them.  You know, the ones these same Republican “war on women” soldiers refused to vote yes for when they had the chance to  —  in the House of Representatives or the Senate — or, as it was in many cases — refused even to allow the bill to come up for a vote.  More than not vote yes on the proposed “jobs” bills, they voted to not even allow them to be discussed on the floor of Congress.  Just to show us how much they really wanted jobs to be the topic of the day.

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But until the American people — and women in particular — get their acts together and vote these “bloviating ignoramuses” (as George Will called Donald Trump) out of office — we will all have to endure the national embarrassment of being legislated to by governmental bodies full of imbeciles  — and suffer the affliction of having those least capable of political stewardship and statesman-like leadership among us sitting in Congress and other legislative bodies across the country and attempting to pass into law reprehensible, partisan documents that would have caused ordinary people during the Middle Ages to scoff and chortle in contempt.  Contempt. Yes — that’s an appropriate word to describe the love and adulation these hypocrites and cretins deserve.  Vote Democratic.  It is the evil that will do the least harm to the fewest people.

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The “War on Women”.  Yes.  Just one of the many wars the Republicans have chosen to wage on the least powerful, least wealthy, and most vulnerable among us in our society.  Like the play-ground bully.  Always picking fights with those it thinks will be easy to pick on — prey upon — victimize.    You go —  you big, white, puffy-skinned, fat Republican bad  boys, you!