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Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson Lied About Voter Fraud In Michigan!

By Peter Le Force — It never ceases to amaze these days when every few days new information surfaces revealing that some GOP hypocrite has lied about voter fraud as part of the process of congering up support for voter repression.  There is already huge concern on the part of the far right that “other” people are increasingly coming to be a force politically in white bread America.

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Right wing politicians, including the southern strategy of Richard Nixon, have been fear-mongering with regard to what will become of America when the Asians and the br0wn-skinned and other people get in power.  There is hysteria created by the right that hordes of “illegal” aliens — and even dead people — are sneaking into voting booths across America and stealing elections.  In Michigan, the specific lie was that 1,500 dead people had been found to have voted.  Careful investigation of the facts, however, reveal that there was not one verifiable instance of a “dead” person having voted, other than to have voted and then died.

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It has been clear for years and has been starkly clear in this latest “black President” spawned fear tactics that “other” peoples are stealing our country — that lies have been widely published alleging that hundreds and thousands of voter fraud perpetrators are rampant in the land, when in reality there are almost no verifiable cases of voter fraud — and the actual number is not small — but diminutive.  And yet, the people who tell the lies never recant them when confronted with the evidence — which, when presented, are often used as proof that we have to do something about this secretive, hard to detect, and hard to prove crime.  And politicians, who stampede into their legislative sessions to pass scare-tactic laws to supposedly prevent voter fraud — ignore the disproving evidence and ignore the virtual a non-existence of any real data or evidence verifying the voter fraud claims that they are acting to prevent.

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None of this is really news.  Just like the situation in which Republicans lied about “yellow cake” from Niger, terrorists and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — plotting the downfall of the world, presumably — Republicans lie to invent and enlarge a problem which serves as the cover and “plausible deniability” enabling them to whip up a public fear of “others” and then propose draconian voter suppression laws as a solution to their constituents’ fears.  Same old tactic over and over.  Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer ordinary Americans in terms of ideas, public policy, or econ0mic changes or regulations to make things better  — so they lie and invent artificial, scary things — preying on the absence of information and the economic and social fears of Americans who can’t understand what has happened to destroy their way of life and reveal to them a far less – loving country for middle class people than they thought they had.

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I mean, let’s face it.  The only chance Republicans have to win elected office these days — with the ideas and policy plans they offer — is to lie about who they are, what they stand for, and what they will do if they get elected.  In the meanwhile — the run around scaring low-information voters into thing that the “boogie-man” is coming to get them and Republicans are they only people that are going to stick up for them and protect them.  What fools American voters are to fall for this stuff over and over again.