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The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department Should File Lawsuits Against Every State That Has Passed “Voter ID” Laws and Enjoin Them From Being Implemented!

By Bifford Caulfied — Every one knows whats going on.  There is no longer any need for hushed conversation,  raised eyebrows of incredulity, or pursed lips of grave concern when we hear about another state legislature and governor furiously working to take away the voting rights of its citizens under the pretense of protecting democracy from voter fraud.  The only voter fraud of any consequence in the last 13 years has been the Supreme Court ruling and Gore vs Bush, the Ohio voter fraud that stole the Presidency from Kerry, and now the Republican fascist extremists in preparation for the election in November of 2012.    It’s time these predator, manipulative, swindling fascist bastards get a swift kick right in their teeth  — figuratively — and literally!

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If the Justice Department is anything but a pretense to and a mockery of authentic, meaningful justice  — then it should issue restraining orders immediately, prohibiting  implementation of every voter ID law in every state in the United States — pending resolution of the lawsuits it files to get these anti-democratic, unconstitutional laws thrown out.  If the Justice Department can’t even do that much for us in a time in which democracy is being over-turned and under-mined by right wing totalitarian hacks all across America — then what good is it.  We already see that they have plenty of time to fart around with John Edwards and how he supported his pregnant gal friend financially without his dying wife finding out about it — and time, absurdly enough,  to futz and fool around with hearings, filings, and briefs about the Defense of Marriage Act, which has already been declared unconstitutional by even conservative appeals courts —  but not quite enough time to get around to defending the democratic institutions and constitutionally protected voting rights of everyday Americans.

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Remember the ninety year old World War II veteran who has voted in every election since Christ was a corporal who is now being informed he can’t vote in Florida.  This is not politics.  This is an arrogant, ostentatious lawless flaunting of predatory, anti-democratic power  — in broad daylight — and a criminal conspiracy by the highest officials in state governments in Florida and many other states — to subvert democracy — steal the voting rights of legally entitled American citizens — in a slow-moving, rolling, time-delayed coup de tat to steal the November election and corrupt democracy in America for all time  — just like the George W. Bush Supreme Court conspirators did in Florida  in 2000.  These bastards are playing for keeps  —   we need to play for keeps as well!

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Save a place in line at the guillotine  for a top Justice Department official or two — my patriot friends!