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Principles of Earth Democracy - Part 6 - By Vandana Shiva - Earth Democracy

6. Living economies are built on local economies .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        . Conservation of the earth's resources and creation of sustainable and satisfying livelihoods are most caringly, creatively, efficiently and equitably achieved at the local level. Localization of economics is a social and ecological imperative. Only goods and services that cannot be produced locally-using local resources and local knowl- edge-should be produced nonlocally and traded long distance. Earth Democracy is based on vibrant local economies, which support national and global economies. In Earth Democracy, the global economy does not destroy and crush local economies, nor does it create disposable people. Living economies recognize the cre- activity of all humans and create spaces for diverse creativities to reach their full potential. Living economies are diverse and decentralized economies.