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Republicans Take Time Out From Their Furious Efforts To Deny Women Control Over Their Reproductive Rights — To Take Their 31st Vote To Repeal the Affordable Care Act

By Robert Sexton — These Republican imposters and poseurs rode to control of the House of Representatives in 2010 with the plaintive and emotionally resonating cry that, “what the world needs now, is jobs, sweet jobs — oh jobs, sweet jobs” — and then promptly attacked women’s reproductive and family planning rights — virtually non-stop ad infinitum as the sole job and raison d’etre.

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The only other rallying cry of Republicans was that they must repeal the Affordable Care Act or all of human civilization will come crashing down on their heads — which translates:  “if we let the black guy usurping the ‘white house’ get away with providing everybody sensible, effective, affordable healthcare — how will Republicans ever get a democratic, minority, middle-class or working poor vote again — to say nothing of people with children under 26, pre-existing conditions, terminal illnesses, or people who get sick while insured, requiring that their insurance be cancelled immediately before it costs health insurance companies money.

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The only chance this  morally bankrupt fat old white person Republican political party has of maintaining power as the country moves forward in the coming years is their deep belief that with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision having confirmed the divine right of plutocrats and money over  democracy — to rule the affairs of the United States and the world.  They believe that if they stir the racial pot and enrage illiterate red-necks and monied, racist plutocrats who believe devoutly in the divine right of wealth to rule the world — and enrage them continuously and significantly enough — then that fury against the “others”, the “poor”, the “non-rich”, and the “dirty, unwashed, unwanted and unworthy” will propel all the “other-haters” to the polls in outrageously large numbers, and the hundreds of millions (maybe billions) of dollars spent to saturate and brainwash the unsuspecting public with lies and distortions —  will at least and at last attract enough low-information and uninformed independent and erstwhile voters — combined with the voter suppression laws and ballot thefts to give them a chance in an election which they shouldn’t have a prayer.  Their goal is  to cause enough fear, uncertainty, chaos and confusion in the minds of the voting public about the issues that they can squeak by in at least one more election  — permitting them to stack the Supreme Court for the next 100 years — so that the country will be run by rich people appointed by rich people to do their bidding instead of by politicians elected and officials appointed by democratically elected officials.   As I have said before,  the rich have no use and no need for democracy.  They have always had enough power and influence to get what they really wanted.  Now they no longer have to play the game and pretend that it was all accomplished democratically.   The Supreme Court gave them the country.  It has said that money is what runs the country — not that quaint old concept designed for the meek and the poor  and powerless — called democracy.

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In the interim — we endure the sad spectacle of the “yes men” of rich men and tyrants — masquerading, preening, posturing and pretending democracy — when actually all they are doing is trying to run out the clock on Obama, democracy, and America —  cause enough misery for every day Americans that some of them might say, “What could be worse than this”, and hope that after November actual bothersome, messy democratic elections will be a thing of the past — and the rich and the super rich — and all their low-rent political alter boys — will rule supreme — in the land of the free and the brave — and the filthy rich.

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The biggest shocker of all, though, is that these talent-less and morally compromised lackeys of the super rich actually think that if they go out there every day and blaspheme, lie, distort, and demagogue the Affordable Care Act — a law and program that would relieve ordinary Americans and small businesses of so much “uncertainty” — and literal,  physical and financial misery  — that they will sooner or later convince most Americans that having healthcare almost as good as they themselves enjoy — courtesy of the United States government — while great for Representatives and Senators — is horrible, disastrous, irresponsible, and dangerous for the rest of us to have.  And what is also surprising is that they can go up there — in Congress and on national TV —  in front of the American people —   time after time —  and perform these ridiculous exercises in macabre theater of the absurd — with sincerity and gravitas in the voices as if they were real.    They are either criminally, incorrigibly insane — or so extremely ethically and morally compromised that they no longer even understand what is to be a real American — and what it is to serve their country and their countrymen — with honor.

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Tragic beyond words.  For those who have done this.  And for those they have done it to.