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Trans-Pacific Partnership Is A Giant American Job Killer Just Like NAFTA and CAFTA — That’s Why They Have Been Trying to Keep It A Secret!

By Frank Byronn Glenn –– Despite the veil of secrecy surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership meetings, of which their have been nine so far, word is finally leaking out – creating renewed concern over United States government policy which results in the deliberate loss of American jobs.  These agreements are always presented as the big “job engines” for creation of jobs in America — and then somehow the jobs never materialize — and government officials show their hands — palms up — and then start looking for the next trade agreement to enter into.

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During Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign he campaigned against the “dastardly” NAFTA and CAFTA treaties, at one point creating a little brou-ha-ha with the Canadians — as a result of which campaign official Mr. Goolsby was reported to have back-channeled the Canadians that re-doing the trade agreements on terms more favorable to American workers was just “campaign rhetoric — implying that the positions taken by Obama during the campaign were just political posturings to curry votes.

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It is part of the trade agreement selling process that they will be a great boon for Americans businesses — who will export many more products as a result of bringing down the trade-barriers.  All that ever seems to happen, though, is jobs disappear from the United States and reappear somewhere else.  The exports politicians and trade representatives tout usually turn out to be agricultural products which giant corporate farms export to the trade partner countries  — with the result that prices on sovereign food crops are undercut in those trade partner countries — local farmers are forced into bankruptcy — and ultimately food prices are increased by the multi-national food conglomerates — forcing the indigenous peoples  who have lost their food self-sufficiency and food sovereignty into poverty and near-starvation conditions.

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The tremendous increase in food and grain exports by American farm giants are touted as evidence of the tremendous success of the trade-agreements  — while farmers in the trade-partner countries are robbed of their ability to even feed their families — much less make a living — and the result is that financially ruined farmers begins to commit suicide by the hundreds from the humiliation and desperation from having lost their ability to attain self-sufficiency.  Those are the big successes of these trade agreement.  Huge losses of jobs in the United States — and large numbers of local farmers in trade-partner countries commit suicide to celebrate our farm product export success.

You go, America.  You go!

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In one of his campaign speeches in 2008 Obama said that global trade conditions had resulted in jobs going oversees where labor was cheaper — “and there is nothing we can do about that”, he said.  “They are never coming back.”   All that means is that the rich and super rich do not want to bring them back to the United States because the like the extra money they make as a result of slave labor and minimal environmental mitigation expenses.   If the United States had operated with trade agreements like these when the country was first founded, the East India Trading Company and other European conglomerates and trading combines would never have permitted manufacturing to get a foot-hold in the Americas — because these industries were already established in other places and would have crushed  the fledgling manufacturing enterprizes of the colonists before they got going.  Inversely, simple changes in trade policies by the United States could be implemented at any point that would result in jobs returning to the United States.  Tarriffs were deliberately done away with under Ronald Reagan as payment for financing his campaigns by wealthy manufacturers thirst for cheap labor and the concomitant higher profits.  Tarriffs could be re-instituted, adjusting for the cheaper labor and reduced environmental regulation costs, combined with the elimination of tax-credits and subsidies to corporations for out-sourcing jobs — and new tax credits and incentives provided to corporations who relocate factories and jobs back to the United States and the destruction of the middle class could be turned around fairly quickly  — and certainly over time the transformation would be enormous and predictable.  Why don’t we do it?  Because corporations that make campaign contributions to Congressional candidates who will vote to keep the the wealthy making big profits by shipping jobs over-seas and prohibiting tariffs and incentives being put in place here to rebuild the middle class — because they don’t need it to make money — and they really don’t care all that much what happens to the middle class and working poor in America.  All they care about is making money — and they are making plenty of it the way it is.  So they will make sure it stays that way.