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Paul Ryan and Todd Akin Are The “Tip of the Spear” of the “War on Women” In America!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — It was interesting to see Paul Ryan quickly jump out there and call for Todd Akin to “seriously” look at his ideas and his political career — and encouraging him to make a responsible decision about whether or not to continue his Senatorial campaign — implying that maybe it was time for him to withdraw from his Senatorial campaign against Claire McCaskill in Missouri.  It was especially surprising — since Ryan and Akin have been in ideological and tactical “lock-step” in the “War on Women” — and  Paul Ryan and Todd Akins have been the “tip of the spear” of that “War” for Republicans at the federal level continuously since at least 2010.

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Paul Ryan and Todd Akin co-sponsored HR-3, to redefine rape, providing for a more elaborate procedure to be required before a woman could just allege rape and press charges against the alleged rapist.  The procedure proposed  –– would essentially compel the victim of rape to provide evidence that the rape was in fact “forcible”, and ascertain more positively whether or not there was any possibility that the accuser was in some way complicit in the rape — implying that maybe the woman “invited” the rape through provocative dress, being in the wrong place (one that only ‘bad’ girls frequent) — or the fact that maybe she had imbibed to much alcohol — putting her subconsciously in more of a, shall we say, “receptive” mood.   Just pretty boorish stereotypical sexist male behavior and rationalizations for rape — that call into question whether or not the rape victim was secretly “asking for it”.

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They also co-sponsored HR-212, “The Sanctity of Human Life” bill – which stated that “life begins at conception” and officially and legally bestowed principles of “personhood” on a fetus — which allowed for the possibility that a woman who had an abortion, or used the morning after pill, or used some forms of contraception — could be charged with murder.

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Paul Ryan and Todd Akins also co-sponsored HR-3805 together — called the “Ultrasound informed Consent Act” , to “ensure”  women seeking abortion received an ultrasound — and forced woman to review the ultrasound before being legally allowed to have an abortion.  

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Todd Akins’ only crime was that he said out loud on tv with national coverage — what Paul Ryan, Todd Akins, and 230 other Republicans having been trying to enact into law in some form or the other since they took control of the House in 2010. These are the views held by the majority of Republicans in Congress.  These are views currently included in the Repubican party platform.  In short — this is who they are — this is what they believe in — and this is what they want to make the law of the land and make everyone adhere to. 

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And we thought the Taliban was bad!