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The Truth Is Finally Out -- These Republicans Never Accepted the Results of the Civil War -- And Have Never Gotton Over It!

By Robert Sexton -- For a while I just thought that we were entering a tempestuous time of political partisanship -- resulting from the neo-cons being "outed" for their criminal conspiracy and war crimes -- and ousted from office and their opportunity to govern -- and the resulting backlash by the right toward this loss of  power and the squandering the Republicans'  biggest political opportunity since Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover.  And I thought that the birther, Kenya, European-socialist, different, foreign, and doesn't understand America cat-calls just a "sour-grapes" blow-back by rightie Republicans as part of their grieve -- and angst -- at urinating away all their political capital on a couple of stupid, ill-advised, and illegal wars. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . Now I know better.  What really happened was that the GOP fascist dictatorship party actually believed that the only way a black guy could ever have gotten himself elected President of the United States was if Bush and Cheney had used and abused the American political system and the American people so severely -- killing a few thousand young America men and women -- and a few hundred thousand Iraqis and Afghanis -- in the process.  So they resent the fact that only a "perfect storm" (in their minds) could have resulted in such a despicable event like a black guy actually getting elected President -- for Chrissake!  I mean -- we're not racist -- and we believe in civil rights and equal opportunity for all -- but a black guy in the White House.  I'm telling you right now, my friends, there will be hell to pay for that.  We're not going to take it -- and we're going to take our country back (from the blacks) -- by God! .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . When a black guy somehow gets elected President in America -- all bets are off.  He's black, remember.  You can call him a Muslim, you can claim there is no way a black guy sitting in the White House could be a Christian.  You can say he wasn't born here, when you really mean he is black -- and that means that he cannot really be President.    He doesn't understand America.  How could he, he's not American -- he's black.   He's Kenyan -- that means he's black -- and un-American for sure -- how could he be American -- he has Kenyan -- that means African -- blood in his veins, doesn't it?   You can call his pro-capitalist policies "socialist", and  "European-socialist" because we all know, as white, racist, bigots, that those words are code to remind our  "white-supremist" lizard brains -- that he isn't -- and can't be one of us -- or American -- because you are different in demonstrable -- and reprehensible ways -- you are -- BLACK! .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . And if you are black -- even if you carry the "label" of President -- we can caricature you as a bone-hair decorated cannibal African, a monkey, an ape, Hitler, and we can slander the first lady -- your wife -- who is also black -- suggesting that she is an "easy mark" for just a phone call -- and we can portray your policies as a toilet full of crap and we can subliminally suggest to the GOP white supremist, racist, fascist "z" chromosomals of Montana that they take matters into their hands and riddle the political crapper your are sitting in with bullet holes -- because if we can't tar-and-feather a black man and run him out of town on a rail like the olden days --- by God we can at least riddle the out-house full of bullets -- which is what should have happened to him when he had the nerve  to even presume he could run for President. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . Yeah.  Sadly enough.  That is what the Republican party has become.  Or maybe that is what they have always been -- and were just good at hiding it.  But now it's all out in the open.  And it looks like they are all in -- in the battle for control of the American money machine.  In other words --  the Civil War is on.  They aren't shy about it.  They think it is long over-due -- and they are eager for it to begin! .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . And for my money -- I would rather be shot square in the face in broad daylight on main street -- with my whole family watching -- than have myself hacked to death, piece-by-piece,  with finger nail clippers -- dying inch by inch, nip by nip -- over the next fifteen years.  So bring it, Republicans.  Bring it, you bastards!