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Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens Warns “Citizens United” Will Allow Subversive Foreign Groups To Influence American Elections!

By Johnny Tremaine — The United States Congress has passed Military Appropriations bills, the Patriot Act and its renewals and revisions, and the Military Commissions Act — the general result of which has been to erode the civil liberties of Americans in the name of national security and fighting terrorism.  One particularly troubling result is that in America now — if you are caught raising money to help fund terrorist groups or their activities — you can be arrested and jailed.  You may even be targeted, without your knowledge, and killed with no arrest, no trial and no hearing — as punishment for assisting a “so-called” terrorist group.

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But as a result of judicial over-reach by the Supreme Court Justices, a person who supports the values of groups the United States government disavows — can be arrested and put in prison — or worse.  But, as a result of Citizens United,  a corporation formed in Yemen by a terrorist group can funnel unlimited, secret, and unknown amounts of money into American elections to try and elect people who would be sympathetic to their causes — or maybe even people who would favor providing the terrorist groups in question with large amounts of foreign aid money — which it could do what it wants with — to include plan, finance and carry out acts of terrorism against American citizens — in this country or on Americans  living abroad.

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The Supreme Court Justices acted hastily and with ideological fervor and partisanship to legalize the purchase of American elections and undermine the basic tenant of “one man, one vote” that has always been the hallmark and proclaimed aspiration of American democracy.