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Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Buffoon That He Is, Cavalierly Promises To Refuse Medicaid Money In Texas Through Obamacare –While 1 in 4 Texans Go Without Health Insurance! Dumb and Dumber!

By Silena Parthlemon — Leading a parade of ignorant and ineptly insensitive Governors across the United States, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, proudly boasts that he and Texas will refuse “socialized medicine” for the indigent and desperate people of his state.  Perry so typifies this newly emergent ignorant strain of asinine politicians  in the Republican party and many “red” states across America.  Not only are they threatening to turn down a program in which the federal government will provide large amounts of health insurance assistance dollars to aid states in providing insurance for millions of citizens currently without health insurance and care — but they do it for the high minded ideological purity of refusing to participate in “socialized medicine” in their states.  It probably has not occurred to these fools that a sick body or an unhealthy mind (they should have some insight into this health issue) does not really care where the dollars came from to assist them in getting well.

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Why voters in these backward states don’t just look at this bad actors and incompetent governors and legislatures and relegate them to the political junkyard for antediluvian brains, I don’t know.  But one thing is sure — in the fullness of time — evolution will certainly banish these cretins to the dust-bin of humans who didn’t make the cut.  The “rapture-ready” we shall call them.

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Perry revealed himself as “not ready for prime-time” player in his ludicrous,  faux-pas and blooper filled pretense at a Presidential campaign.  When is way significantly past the point in which a run for the top national office — even from that dimly lit bulb of a state called Texas — he  then simply smirked,  shrugged, said “Oops”, and crawled back into his dung-filled corner of the United States.  Now he comes out and proudly proclaims how dumb and unsophisticated and uncaring he is as Texas Governor  — and proud of it — in that he is against “socialized medicine”.  Don’t be ridiculous.  Rick Perry couldn’t identify a socialized anything from a privatized something else. if their wasn’t money taped to it with his name on it.   The only thing he knows really well —  what it is that his rich campaign contributor sugar daddies want him to say in public and want him to do in private for them.   want him to say.

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He is blessed — in a good ol’ dumb Texas smirky, smart-ass sort of way  — with a lack of conscious awareness that allows him to shuck and gosh his way around national politics like a buffoon — seemingly ignorant of how embarrassing it is to the country that a person so unaccomplished could actually be voted Governor multiple times.  He must be a kind of Citizens-United precursor, one of those tea-party, pea-sized brain guys that gets elected without really being articulate or informed enough to clearly state a cogent position, idea, or policy position — because in Texas — like it will soon be in the rest of the country — all you have to have is a few “big-money” sugar daddies and you can get elected anything from dog-catcher to governor — without necessarily having the native intelligence to pass the 7th grade in a real public school.

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For now though — government contract — oil rich predator dominated hunk of dirt called Texas — lays unequivocal claim to the dumbest state in the country with the biggest, dumbest governor in the United States.  It is remarkable though.  Look what you can do with a eighth of a ton of stupid — attached to $20 million dollars of autocratic, predatory, anti-democracy, anti-science and anti-intelligence Texas oil money in a desolate parched earth god-forsaken piece of clap-trap real estate called the Lone Star state.  And I don’t mean Rick Perry.