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Romney and Nugent Heart-Soul — New GOP Kabooki-Crazy-Dance!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — Not long after Ted Nugent went completely off the cliff and into the deep, turbulent waters of mentally derangement, the Mitt Romney campaign issued a tepid statement to the effect that — in all things political it is always a desired outcome for one involved that all things remain civil.

Not only did this occur after  Mitt had fervently sought the elusive endorsement of this stolid bulwark of unyielding ideological demogogery, but indeed after a personal “heart/soul”  meet of some duration between the besought – and the besotted.  Apparently the “heart and soul” went well enough to convince Nugent that this middling and muddling bunch of GOP political aspiration called Romney — was in the final, desperate analysis — at last contortionist to satisfy him that Romney could be enough his man.

Nugent even went off into a rant so wild and unpredictably out of touch with reality that it caught the attention of the recently distracted U.S. Secret Service crew, who announced that they were “aware” of the incident that had occurred — and were continuing to “monitor”  it closely.  The same Secret Service that currently protects Romney in his travels, as well.

Nugent even went to far as to say something to the effect that if Obama was re-elected that he — Nugent — would be either in jail — 0r dead — within a year.   Interesting.

At first pass, might be a proposition attractive enough to bring closet progressives out of the woodwork all across the nation to work frenetically in the campaign to re-elect President Obama — not for the sake of just returning him to the White House — but for the potential — perhaps promised  — collateral damage that might accompany the calamitous event.  Ted Nugent dead  within a year.  Pretty seductive imagery there — for an authentic progressive.

Nevertheless, it does remind us that running as a sane man in an obviously insane political party in apoplectic times calls on the primordial survival instincts of “flight” or “fight”  —  in all manner of weird places and at disturbingly unusual times — all with fairly inexplicable bed-fellows whose company you must keep.

But such is the President campaign of 2012, the GOP of the last several years — and the Romney of —  oh, most of his professional and political life!  The election of 2012 will definitely be one to remember  — and with which to compare all future crazy in America!