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LGBT Couples In States Prohibiting Same Sex Should Flash Mob Marry – “en masse” and Issue “Mirage” Licenses In Place of Marriage Certificates In Protest Against the “Mirage” of Equality

By Stephanie Devereaux — Shockingly enough, citizens of North Caroline went to the polls and voted to ban not only same-sex marriage but also civil unions — in a draconian, 16th century state Constitutional Amendment.

Despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly apparent that Americans are moving toward the recognition of equal rights for all citizens, North Carolina has been and remains a back-eddy of prejudice and discrimination festering out of the United States main-stream.

In response to this, I think LGBT couples in North Carolina and other states with laws prohibiting same-sex marriage should hold “flash mob” marriages, en masse, extra- legally, and should be issued “mirage” certificates instead of marriage certificates in protest of the fact that equality for LGBT couples is still a “mirage” in this — the United States of America!