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VP Candidate Paul Ryan Lies Again — That He Ran a Marathon Faster Than He Did!

By Tony Petramonico — How is it that you finally decide that someone is mentally ill.  Or has a problem that, even though they fight hard to disguise it, requires professional treatment — or intervention?

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In a startling new chapter in the on-going saga of the Mitt Romney – Paul Ryan “Big Lie” Tour — Paul Ryan just lied about how fast his time was when he ran his marathon — and deliberately equivocated — attempting to give the impression that he actually ran more marathon’s than the single marathon on record that he ran.  He also said in his interview that he ran it in a little over and hour — while official records from the event show that he ran it in over 4 hours.  And a far as anyone knows — or can tell — or find — that is the only marathon that Paul Ryan has run in his life.  It’s hard to blame him for never running another — and it’s not even hard to understand why he gave up the sport after one try — with a time as bad as 4 hours and some such in the grueling run.

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But what we just cannot understand — is why a man who poses as a man of substantial enough character that we should elect him to be just a “heart-beat away” from the Presidency — when he is not even emotionally and psychologically healthy and mature enough that he can be counted on to be honest about a trivial thing like how fast he ran a marathon.  I mean — if you do not have enough guts to just say what your time honestly was — when asked — how could we ever trust you with the office of the Vice-Presidency — or — gasp! — the office of the Presidency itself. 

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Americans are probably jaded enough by the many years of deception and chicanery that our political system offers up in the normal course of things — that it is used to politicians stretching the truth, or embellishing it — or twisting the facts a little to look a little bit more attractive to voters — but it is fairly rare that a serious Presidential ticket candidate lies this consistently — this universally — and now, predictably — when in fact the truth itself would not really have mattered much to people anyway — or, as we have said before — would actually have worked better.  It just boggles the mind why this little servant of the plutocrats can’t just go out there and do their bidding like the shameless Republican hack that he is — and take their money and get rich for serving money and power. 

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But no — he doesn’t not even have the integrity or authenticity to just be who he is — take his licks — and get rich for it.  Oh, no — he can’t even stand to admit to himself he’s not perfect at everything — and lies to hide it, cover it up — embellish it — deny it — or blame the other guy for something he in fact did himself.   What a sad day for Republicans, Americans — and Paul Ryan’s mother, wife, children, friends, and fellow Republicans.  What a sad, sad day?