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Republicans Know What Romney Is Against — They Want To Know What He Is For — Because He Hides Behind His Political “Invisibility Cloak”

By Bifford Caulfied — Republicans are getting a little nervous about Romney — or so the pundits and pollsters say.   They know what he’s against — but they want him to tell them what he is for.

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Maybe I can help you guys out a little on this.  We all do know what Romney is against.  He’s against whatever President Obama is for — and anything he has done, is now doing, or plans to do at anytime in the future — and has said so.   Anything and everything.  What is he for?   He is for not saying anything specific enough about what he is for — such that somebody somewhere — anywhere — might not agree with him.   And if they don’t agree with him,  they might decide not to vote for him.  And Romney is afraid to lose one potential vote — even if is because he speaks up for his principles.

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In other words, Romney’s political strategy and philosophy is that if you hide under your “invisibility cloak” no one can see what you stand for — and they can’t get a bead on you to take a pot shot at you.  Come on, Mitt.  Politics and running for President of the United States is a “big boys” game.  You can’t dodge and weave, cower and hide, dissemble and equivocate all the way to November elections — and then ascend to the presidency — by magic.  No, Mitt.  Americans pay better attention than you think  — and they’re smarter than you think — and I suspect — smarter than you are.  Sorry.  I’m just saying.