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The "Divine Right of Profit" -- Romney Crows Again About Liking To Fire People Who Aren't Serving Him To His Satisfaction!

By Robert Sexton -- Yes, Mitt.  You have said that before -- and we believed you then.  That's why we have a problem with you and Bain Capital.  Romney crows every chance he gets, that "by golly", if he doesn't like the way someone one is working -- if they are not productive enough to suit him -- or he just doesn't like the worker anymore -- well, he'll just fire him or her.  He likes firing people that aren't serving him properly. That's what free market capitalism is all about.  The "divine right of profit" -- at any cost. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        . I guess the good part is -- at least he hasn't ordered anyone beheaded yet, for failing to serve him to his satisfaction.   Maybe that's Mitt's economic "three-strikes and you're out rule".  If you fail to serve the rich properly, maybe then you get beheaded. Economic justice, we'll call it.  But it is a little odd -- that when it gets "down and dirty" nitty gritty on the campaign trail and Mitt has to talk about capitalism or Bain Capital, he shows a little attitude -- throws his head back arrogantly -- and says, " I like firing people."  If I don't think they are serving my interests property, then I fire them.  I like that about capitalism.  Yeah, we know that about you Mitt, but its not one of your fairly scarce, endearing qualities.  Plus there are other issues. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        . Maybe what we should be asking Mitt, if you became President and the situation arose in which you, as President, had to choose between corporations making absolutely as much profit as possible, regardless of the consequences to middle class working people -- or making a little less money over a longer haul and taking care to make sure that working people got a fair shake -- and that their interests were taken into account in any economic policy decisions -- which would you choose, as President,  Mr Romney?  If you haven't already told us the answer to that, that is?