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Romney “Tax Dodge” the Gift That Keeps On Giving!

By Stephanie Devereaux —  It’s amazing that Mitt Romney and his ‘goof-ball boys” campaign team have not yet figured out that there has been enough intrigue and suspicion surrounding the Romney tax returns — that even the deer, the wolves, and the cows in the meadows are wondering what is in there that is so damaging that Romney and his campaign officials keep dancing and dodging, head-faking and shaking their heads “no, not in this lifetime” in response to requests for them to release the tax returns.

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It is one of those things in human nature — when you hide things from us and adamantly refuse to reveal the details — all the while denying emphatically that there is anything to hide — we double down, cross our arms, and say, “We aren’t going anywhere until we get the tax returns”.

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The strategic errors and tactical bumbles in managing the information flow, the volley and serve of the daily campaign skirmishes and counter punches, and the inept framing of the introduction of the “real” post-primary Mitt Romney to the American people — has reached near epic (and perhaps un-recoverable) proportions.  So much so that every day the Romney campaign dodges the release, avows they are all good and above reproach — but doubles down on their assertion that they are giving up nothing — spurs another round of ever-escalating debate in the media about the kinds and potential lethal degree of the lethal information contained in the documents.  The “hundreds — or thousands of pages”, as Mitt so adroitly framed it, and proclaimed that he just was not about to give up all that information because the Obama campaign would just have a field day poring thought the cornucopia of data, distorting, lying, and misrepresenting the information contain in the returns to the American people.

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My sense of things at this point is that the damage done from Mitt’s refusal to release his taxes, added to the “retroactive resignation”, the non-working, non-involved, $100,000 per year apparently “free lunch” salary, the potential felony misrepresentation of his actual status to the SEC, and the $101 million retirement fund (which would have taken 16,800 and some years to have pulled off legally — and he could not legally have done it if he had retroactively resigned, as he said) — have come perilously close to the tipping point for the wobbling Romney campaign.

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The lies to hide the lies that hide the fakes, that hide the fudges that hide the dodges that hide the misrepresentations have escalated to the point where it’s become a stampede of “lie cattle” — trampling each other and all the by-standers as well as the fences and the out-buildings in their race for the apocryphal political cliff of destruction.

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Mitt Romney’s penchant for “etch-a-sketching”, flip-flopping, “mis-underestimating”, and his pathological necessity to people-please absolutely everyone on earth appears to have reached epicly unmanageable and cannabalizing proportions.  He has complicated his positions on things so much that he can’t even remember what he is supposed to be for — or against — and therefore cannot remember whether he is supposed to be doubling-down when a question is asked — or denying for the third time that he ever said the six things that have been shown saying on video-tape non-stop for three weeks on cable news.  He is fast reaching the stage where he may have to just pull the “Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid” escape maneuver — and just yell “sh-t” — and jump.  The splat from a fellow that big will not look good, either.  And it could definitely smash his fossilized, frozen hair —  in the process.  Good luck with that campaign, Mitt.  And God Speed, as they say, wherever you’re going!