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Romney Plans to Give the Rich an additional $87,000 to $850,000 in Tax Breaks — and Make Working People Pay $2000 More in Taxes to Pay For It!

By Bifford Caulfied — President Obama pounded Mitt Romney in Ohio and Pennsylvania this week.  Obama pointed out that if Mitt Romney gets to implement his proposed budget, the rich and super rich will get a $5 trillion dollar tax break and everyday  Americans will pay $2000 more a year to pay for it.   The deficit, instead of being reduced, will go up.  There are no money for jobs.

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Let’s face it.  Romney is a fraud.  And even if he knew what was in the Paul Ryan Budget plan — the one he called “marvelous” — he probably wouldn’t change a single thing.  Why?  Because Mitt is about making money — and the Ryan Budget Plan makes Romney and his rich buddies a lot of money.  The Middle Class?  Well, it’s about time they paid their fair share anyway, is Romney’s feelings on it.  Rich people have their entitlements, don’t they.  How many jobs has a poor person created lately?  I mean, get serious.

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And the best part, so far?   The more President Obama explains these facts to the American people — the bigger the gap between Obama and Romney grows — in the polls.