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Trans-Pacific Partnership — Big “Job Killing” Trade Agreement — Just like NAFTA and CAFTA — Politicians Do Not Realy Plan To Do Anything To Bring Jobs Back To America!

By Leonard Porter For all President Obama’s “re-work” NAFTA and CAFTA posturing in his 2008 campaign — he does not seem to be that interested in bringing jobs back to the United States these days.  He says he does — but the actions of his administration say something different.  We are always dealing with the reality that the President really does not have as much power to do things as we believe he does.

We keep electing Presidents that say they believe things we believe and want things that we want — then when they get elected they seem like their political feet are in concrete.  Maybe the political reality is that once a person gets elected President — politically the strategy to get re-elected changes how they believe they must govern.  It seems like they try to placate the right wing Republican base somewhat — try to seem “wishy-washy” on many simple progressive issues — supposedly to appeal to and hold independents in their camps — and then pay the least attention of all to the democratic base because in terms of political strategy, “Where they going to go?”

Republicans voters have always seemed to get it better than Democratic voters.  Republican voters vote Republicans that don’t fight for their causes out of office and elect ones they thing will.  Democrats run scared — and dare not take the chance to vote “blue dog” democrats out of office and replace them with progressive ones.  It’s almost as if they think democrats (even though they are the 99% are declining in numbers so sharply they fear they may never find a democrat to replace one that caucuses with the democrats but votes with the Republicans most of the time.

One thing is certain.  We will never bring jobs back to the United States if we keep entering into these agreements that eliminate all trade policy rules and open American markets to “dumping” by developing countries — just so corporations can make a little more money.  As if they didn’t have enough yet.