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Romney – Ryan Big Lie # 3 — Obama Wants To End “Welfare to Work” Requirement And Just Give Minority Neer-Do-Wells Welfare Checks For Sitting Around!

By Bifford Caulfied — Romney had been telling the lie for a couple of week before the Republican Convention, but both he and Paul Ryan doubled down on the “Welfare Queen” and “Food Stamps” President balderdash at their convention.

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The “work” requirement in order to receive welfare has been around for a long time — and Obama has done nothing to change that.  The only thing that has happened is that a number of governors — including Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts and a few of his Republican governor c9lleagues — have requested exemption for to the “work” requirement, as articulated by the federal law — with the assertion that the individual states need flexibility in the implementation of the requirement — because states in some cases have better plans to put people back to work.   The “waiver” the governors asked to be granted their states were granted on the condition and requirement that the state plans had to demonstrably and provably put 20% more people back to work than the federal plan.  So, not only was it not an elimination of the “work requirement” as both Romney and Ryan disingenuously alleged — it resulted in 20% more people going to work than was originally required by the federal government rules and law.

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Not only were Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lying when they said that Obama was eliminating the “work requirement” from welfare — but they knew they were lying when they were saying it — and they lied anyway because, one, they are desperate to gain any advantage on an opponent who is proving hard to out smart, out-maneuver, and out campaign — but because they believe if they lie “big” enough and often enough to enough people — with enough right wing media coverage to back them up — that maybe they can convince the public that the lie is actually the “truth” — but that even if it doesn’t work and they get caught in the lie and discredited for it — they can’t be any worse off than they already were — with nothing to say, nothing to run on, no ideas for the country but the same old failed Republican and neo-c0n ideas that Bush and Cheney test drove and put the country in the ditch with — all while trying to enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of the rest of the people in the country.  Shameful.  The American people should laugh these two jokers out of town!