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Romney Says Obama Is To The Left Of President Clinton Politically!

By Silena Parthemenco — When Romney,  humorously, found himself commenting on where Barack Obama falls on the political continuum relative to Bill Clinton recently, I was a little puzzled.  Besides the fact that I can’t imagine how that comparison could possibly have benefited Romney politically — other than tap into to a large, simmering, largely subliminal vat of Clinton hatred out there in Republican land.  This disgust and hatred for Clinton, which existed in inexplicable intensity in spite of  the fact that Clinton fell all over himself  again and again to steal Republican ideas and programs and implement them before the Republicans could, apparently believing that if he stole enough Republican ideas and implemented them before the Republicans did, Republicans would  to grow to love him and would vote for him instead — in the next election — and adore him  in his political afterlife. No of which ever came true.

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In fact, in a New York Times Magazine article a year or so ago, Bill Clinton responded somewhat woundedly to the accusation in the article that he “triangulated” his political positions to pre-empt Republican political posturing and steal their ideas — leaving them no issues to run on.  In the not so flattering enumeration of the things he did — like the Commodities Modernization Act, the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1932., the signing of Nafta and Cafta — and, of course, welfare reform (one of the longest running Republican laments), all of which were long-standing Republican and right wing political aspirations and heart-burns for decades running.  And Clinton signed those bills into law for them — instead of vetoing them, which an authentic democrat would have.

To which Clinton replied, that while Nafta and Cafta had not worked out quite like I had thought they would, what most of his critics didn’t understand, he said, was that wasn’t “triangulating” at all — he, in fact,  actually believed in all those ideas that he passed.  In other words, you folks criticize me for passing legislation that Republicans wanted passed, but what you didn’t know was that I was actually secretly a Republican and therefore I favored those ideas myself as well — and that’s why I wanted them passed.

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Comforting to know, Bill.   Real comforting.

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So you see, Mitt — when you say that Barack Obama is to the left of Bill Clinton.  How could he not be.  Bob Dole, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Herbert Walker Bush, Gerald Ford, and Ike Eisenhower were all to the left of Bill Clinton.  So if you trying to hurt us, you are going to have to find a different tender spot and poke it if you want it to have any effect.