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Romney Keeps Telling Lies Like the American People Are Too Dumb To Know It!

By Stephanie Devereaux –– The Romney campaign is using a new campaign strategy when it comes to issues that Mitt Romney has formerly taken the wrong side on.  The truth of the matter is, other than the Romneycare plan for Massachusetts, Romney does not have much in the way of policy successes to crow about.  Job creation in the state while he was governor was very poor, and Massachusetts lacked 48th or something like that in job creation — and, consequently, in unemployment numbers.


When the economy was in free fall in 2008 and early 2009, Romney said publicly that General Motors should just be left to go bankrupt.  Now that the Obama bailout is perceived to be a nice success, Romney and his people are saying, publicly once again, that the whole idea was exactly what Romney was really proposing all along.


The Obama Administration — and most of the American voting public –– believes the capture-kill of Osama Bin Laden was a huge foreign policy success.  Romney is poo-pooing the Osama Bin Laden killing as nothing more than a routine policy decision handed to Obama by the professionals around him — and that average, run-of-the-mill President would have made the same decision.  The fact is that Mitt Romney is on record stating that under no circumstances would he have penetrated Pakistani territorial space -with or without their position — for the mere purpose of trying to capture or kill Bin Laden.


Obama, on the other hand, had already said in public that if the United States had a chance to kill or capture Bin Laden and the Pakistani government was “either unable — 0r unwilling” to assist us in the effort — that he would order it done without them. And that is what he did.


So Mitt Romney  and his campaign — in the absence of evidence of any foreign policy experience — and consequently the absence of any successes or achievements to tout — have simply decided to lie about what he has and has not done and said — and if what he said previously turns out to be the opposite the plan that worked he simply dismisses the significance of Obama’s actions, or lies about his previous positions — or both.  Sometimes the Romney he actually is gets in the way of what is expedient for Romney he feels he has to be to have a chance to win the Presidential election.


I personally feel that to lie about your publicly-stated — on video tape –– opinions about what was the right course of action would be — or disparaging accomplishments that the American people unanimously support – and in some cases are proud of — with the idea in mind that spending a few tens of millions of Super Pac money can convince the American people that yours lies are true — and your mistakes were just uncanny ability to make the right call — ultimately — might be playing your political cards as if you think the American people can’t figure it out because they are too dumb or uninformed — is believing the American people are dumber than they are actually are.