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Romney “Fakes” a Bus Tour — Just One More Proud Example of How Inauthentic and Clumsy He Is?

By Peter Le Force –– In just one more big showy example of how phony he is, Mitt Romney has announced a bus tour to “connect” with America — you know — that campaign thing where you get on a greyhound type bus and ride around the country like an ordinary guy — stopping and chatting with constituents in their own home-towns — just to show them you’re a “regular joe” and that you care about them and their issues — and America.  Let’s face it, anybody who put themselves through that — and who would endure the inconvenience and discomfort and chaos of a bus tour,  must be crazy enough to deserve the torture of being elected to public office.  Except that Mitt is not really on a bus tour.  He’s faking it.  Surprised?

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Instead of actually going on a bus tour — something a rich, pampered fellow like Romney could not possibly enjoy –or endure — even if it was the only way he might have a chance to get elected President  — Mitt chose the next best thing.  Fake it and see if you can fool the American people — or hide it from them at least.  What is actually happening is that the supposed “bus tour” is being staged.   The campaign has “acquired” a bunch of buses and positioned them strategically around the country in places that Romney plans to feature in his “Connecting with America” efforts.  Then, Mitt will fly to the places it has been advertised he will “tour”, then drive to where the bus is strategically positioned, get on the bus ride around for a few stops — pretending that this stop is just one more leg in the extensive tour of America to connect with the voters he is taking — then he will go back to his plane, fly away to someplace more comfortable (and plushier and cushier, no doubt),  only to fly out to the next place a bus is positioned at the appointed time to continue the masquerade as actually being on a real bus tour.  Now it’s admittedly an admirable trait in politicians to want to make an attempt to get out and meet and greet regular Americans –their potential constituencies — going right out there to their homes in their cities and towns across America — press some flesh and kiss some babies — let them know that deep down you are a regular guy like them — and that because of that — you obviously know about the issues of their lives — and care about them.

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Except that Mitt is not really doing it.  He’s jet-setting to the local events and festivities — and then faking the part about being a regular guy out in the hinterlands on a bus tour — connecting with America.  He thinks it’s a good thing to do — he just doesn’t really want to have to do it — so he’s faking it — and he thinks that faking it is close enough to actually doing it that it won’t matter.

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Admittedly, there is a certain amount of posturing and image-creation that goes into campaigns — there always has been, it’s one of the fact parts of the fiction that is political campaigns.  But isn’t it just like Mitt Romney  — to say to his campaign aides — campaigns are all fake anyway — and so am I as a politician running for President — so why don’t we at least make it as convenient as possible — let’s just fake the “bus tour to connect with America” thing, too?  What’s wrong with that.  Most people won’t even know — and many of them will still vote for us anyway, once the find out — if they do. It doesn’t really matter.  It’s all fake anyway.  Right, Mitt.  It is.  Starting with you — and running through your campaign — and off the lips of all your aids — who cynically tell the American people — don’t get all excited about the ideas you hear — it’s just campaign stuff — sound bites and faking the public out at every stop and all that.  It’s just the way it’s done.

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Yeah, you’re probably right.  That is probably just the way it’s done.  So now I have to things to dislike about you, Mr. Romney.   First the fact that you are doing it this way because it’s the most expedient, cost-effective, and most convenient way to fake your way into a plausible chance to win the Presidency.  Second, because even if there is an element of ingenuousness in every campaign — and yours is no exception — I dislike you for being so crass, so blatantly, so disrespectful, and so terribly bad at it, when you do do it. And I would not vote for you for that fact,  alone.  Fake on, Mitty boy, fake on!