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Republicans and Romney can’t see the American “Working People” for their Money Trees!

By Frank Byronn Glenn —  We all still remember the fluctuating policy positions of Willard Mitt Romney, although he cleverly laid them out there for us to take as “faux pas” or mistatements. He said “He likes firing people.” That he, Willard, “knows what it’s like worrying about getting a pink slip” (right — right up his magic Mormon underpants).

He chortles that he, too, “is unemployed right now”, evidencing his chronic and perhaps innate tone-deafness to the fact that unemployed people do not choose to not work because the $25 million dollars worth of interest carry-forward, dividends, or whatever they are earning while snoozing in the chaise lounge beside the pool — or worse — playing polo (for which his Mitt-ness pays slightly less than the 15% rate paid on capital gains taxes).

He says he thinks we should just be patient and let everybody get foreclosed on — at least those that are having trouble financially– and then we will be done with this mess. Investors can pick up those foreclosed homes on the cheap and rent them for very high rents to the people that just got foreclosed on because so many people being booted out of the houses they once owned has created a booming market in the rentals those foreclosed people are trying to move into — and everybody wins.

Rich people can prey upon the less fortunate — and make a lot of much off them — which always appeals to rich investors.

Willard Mitt Romney, shame on you. Oh, yes, and he’s not worried with or bothered about the poor people because, you know, they got safety nets and all that stuff — so they’re good. The rich, too, he says, they’re okay.

And then in his tax proposals, he cuts taxes on himself and his rich, predator friends — and raises taxes and reduces or eliminates essential services and safety nets enacted to protect working poor in times of financial calamity like these — to make up the budget short-fall the tax-cuts created.

He also would elminate planned parenthood, he says. Get rid of the Housing and Urban Development Department, which helps lower income, struggling Americans buy homes. He’s scale down the Department of Education dramatically – in draconian fashion, some say. He’d virtually eliminate Medicare and Medicare, and would “bust bump” to privatize social security. The list runs on and on. And American — including low informtion, impoverished red states and southerners — who receive more in government aid –who think God provided it apparently – because they keep racing out and voting for Republicans — who want to take the safety net away form all of them. They do it because Republicans are “for” war, against “abortion and contraception”, and for balancing the budget and eliminating the “deficit” — whatever that is. It’s ignorance — maybe stupidity — is what that is!

What a creep! Without money, these rosey red rectilinear A-wholes would have gone extinct — or would have been eaten by the people “doing okay with their safety nets” poor city back alleys all over the country.