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The Biggest of Many Lies by Republicans, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and At the RNC in Tampa Was That ObamaCare Stole Money From Medicare!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — Aside from being one of the “poison pills” Republicans often try to embed in programs they want to get rid of — with the hope and design that after the poison pill the programs will go broke on their own —  Medicare Advantage was a plain and simple shameless act of “Corporate Welfare” (with no work requirement) by Republicans for their friends in the health insurance, pharmaceutical, and hospital businesses.  What President Obama did in the Affordable Care Act was eliminate some of this corporate welfare, payment for efficiencies that were never delivered as agreed, and over payments for inferior or the same quality of services provided by regular Medicare — and redirect the savings and waste elimination into additional benefits and programs for the disabled, the elderly, the disabled, and children.

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And while Republicans appeared to have had at least some short term polling success with the “big lie” they keep repeating — most of the people who are immediately affected by the changes in Medicare know that the real goal of the Koch Bros and other rich and super rich plutocrats and Romney and Ryan with the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan is the staged elimination of Medicare as it currently exists — by voucherizing it, and by reducing benefits for younger recipients over time to undermine the popularity of the plan and pit young people against the more vulnerable older recipients, and in the end convert Medicare to a discount coupon for a partial, static partial payment toward the purchase of a private health insurance plan ever-increasingly paid for by the elderly and infirm themselves.  Can’t you just see an elderly cancer patient taking his $800 dollars a month into a health insurance company and trying to buy health insurance to cover his multi-million dollars cancer treatment regimen.  Laughable!

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Ryan’s Budget Plan had essentially the same cuts in Medicare that ObamaCare did, with the notable exception that Paul Ryan, Romney, and their band of jolly Republicants (or Won’ts) would have also given the rich and super rich an additional $4 or $5 trillion dollars in the tax cuts with the money — and then raised taxes on the middle-class and the working poor to help pay for them.  Shameless — these charlatans and liars!