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Romney Wins the “Jerk-in-Chief” Title In The First Debate!

By Frank Byronn Glenn –– I could not help but watch bemusedly as the Romney Campaign Team, Foxx News, and the right wing  cheerleaders danced in the end-zone, spiked the ball, and high-fived themselves all over the place in the immediate aftermath of the Wednesday night debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

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I guess my first impressions from the debate itself were that Mitt Romney would make a fairly embarrassing and a quite dangerous President.    He used bombast and bluster as cover for the fact that he had no ideas and no real policy positions or details about what he would do as President.   He cheated on the debate rules.   He talked over both President Obama and the moderator, Jim Lehrer.  He started when he was supposed to go second according to the debate format.  He talked last in some segments that he had to opportunity to go first on.  He ignored Lehrer’s attempts to actually moderate the debate, smirking like the the prick little rich boy he was when he was young when he took a gay fellow student down and cut his hair off — and referred to his fellow student as “she” for the satisfaction and smugness of a few cheap laughs from his buddies – who apparently weren’t much better people than Mitt was.  At last count he lied 27 times on national television for all to see — then seemed call Obama “boy” and chastise him for lying — which, to my knowledge, Obama didn’t do.  And then — he finished it off by denying — or reversing — ideas, plans, and proposals he has been trumpeting throughout the campaign.

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Clearly Romney and the crowd of clowns he runs with believe that if you have enough money and you tell a big enough lie — and enough of them — and repeat them long enough and relentlessly enough —  and stick to your non-facts like they were sacred truths — then you can convince enough people that what you say is true that you can win the election — or at least you can  potentially confuse enough people as to what you actually do believe — that a lot of them won’t hold it against you when it comes time to vote.  I don’t know that Romney and his liar squad can get away with it this time — but that is clearly their game plan.  It is too bad that Romney has so few ideas for how to help the middle class and right the economic ship of America that he can’t just stand up there and sell those ideas and have a chance to win on them.  But clearly he does not.  It will be interesting to see if the American people are as dumb as Romney thinks they are.

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Romney reminded me of George W. Bush — without the cow-turd kicker charm — and  without the innate good sense to at least  “fake” sincerity and considered judgement in situations where it was required.   But Romney just didn’t have it in him.  Or maybe he has been distorting and lying about everything in the campaign so much that he has lost track of what he is supposed to believe — or just plain can’t remember how many different positions he has taken of all the issues.  One thing is clear, though.  And that is that Romney doesn’t think it matters what he thinks or believes or says.  He thinks that Americans will choose him over Obama simply because it is apparent to Mitt that he would be a better choice for President — than the “boy” (wink, wink)

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We have seen Romney lie like a pathological liar throughout the GOP primaries, with his penchant for lying even when the truth would clearly have worked better time — or wouldn’t have hurt him — and time and time again – puzzlingly. We excused him a little as a human being for doing the best he could in that “caught between a rock and a hard place” trick bag of having to act like a right wing crazy to keep his base on the reservation — all the while realizing that every right wing vote he nailed down by acting like one of them – probably cost him a vote or a vote and a half in the saner general election voting public at large.  Not an easy formula for winning the Presidency.

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But the end game strategy for the Romney team in the Wednesday night debate — and possibly for the remainder of the campaign itself — is to dazzle them with deception and baffle them with bull-shit — and that fact put the President in the unenviable position of having to debate the over-amped inmate from the psych ward who hadn’t taken his medication Wednesday.

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Can’t you just imagine Mitt Romney sitting down at the negotiating table with Putin or Chinese leaders trying to negotiate something of major significance.  Who among us, I ask, is completely comfortable with that thought?   I think Romney is nutty.  I think he is an ego-maniac.  I think he is shallow, mean, selfish, and brutal when he wants to have his way and its not working.  I also think it would be really dangerous to have him as President.   The rap on Romney has always been that nobody liked him.  I’ve seen enough of him now — that I really understand that.  Let’s face it — Romney is the kind of guy who could go into a room to help the den mothers decide what flavors of Girl Scout cookies to sell this year — and leave with blood on the floor and dead girl scout bodies laying — and no cookies decided on – or ordered — all because of his  consummate debating skills  and negotiating style.  Romney is not about governing or compromising — or reaching g0od decisions after careful and thoughtful exploration of the possibilities and options over a considered period of time.  Romney is about winning, snap decisions, and if he has to do it with bluster, bull-crap, and bullying — all the better for him — as long as he doesn’t have to compromise, concede points to the opposition — take a lot of time at it — and he gets his way.  And if he doesn’t get his way — he just won’t play.  Or — should he become President — he commands an army, you know.  He can just declare war if he doesn’t get his way.  And — regrettably — I think that may be what he does — and what we have to fear if he becomes President.

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Having said that — I don’t think it is likely to happen.  Americans can be pretty crazy sometimes.  It takes those kind of people and those kinds of egos to go out and start your own country.  But when all the chips are down — I don’t think Americans are that stupid.  And even if you are successful for a while by lying to them.  Or you get away with saying one thing on one day — or to one group — and then something else the next day — in a debate — on national television — or something else in a different town or in front of a different group another day — I think sooner or later people figure you out — and then your derriere is in the street.  Or tied to the top of the car — in the case of Mitt Romney.