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Right To Work Laws Violate Human Rights, and Should Be Outlawed!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — We have been debating right to work laws for years, with proponents alleging that the laws have brought businesses and factories to their states because their is a “business friendly” environment and culture.

Opponents claim that those states are really “Right To Work For Less”, or “Right To Work For Peanuts States”, because in all those states the average hourly pay rate and the general standard of living for working people is lower than in states in which unions are allowed to operate.

The obvious, most salient argument against “Right-t0-Work” states is really very simple.

The Right To Organize and Collectively bargain is a fundamental, inviolable human right.  Without this basic right, working human beings wherever they are don’t have a fighting chance.  They are preyed upon by powerful monied interests that make a bigger profit if they can deny workers the right to organize and collectively bargain.  It’s just about the money.  And lots of organizations, businesses and corporations have no problem whatsoever preying upon working people to make an extra buck  or two whenever they can.   It’s been true the for the entire history of the world!

But they come up with lofty sounding names like “Right-to-Work” to try and make “class warfare”, boundless greed, moral vacuity , and sickeningly predatory economic opportunism seem like — just another political viewpoint.  You know — we all have our opinions — and we’re entitled to them.  In a democracy.  Bull crap!  That’s all I have to say.