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Category → Republicans Now have the country they always wanted! At least in Connecticut — today!

To The Law-Makers Who Have Refused To Pass Gun Control Laws — Or Have Voted Against Health Care Programs That Would Have Provided Mental Health Treatment To Troubled People: Which Of These Dead Connecticut Children Would You Like To Have Dedicated To You?

Frank Byronn Glenn — I know the NRA is a strong gun lobby for weapons manufacturers.   I know the Tea Partiers and other wing-nuts act like brandishing guns at political rallies and carrying racist signs with Hitler mustaches painted on posters bearing the picture of President Obama.  To them — I say congratulations! — You have finally succeeded in creating a country and a society almost as crazy as you are.  The Koch Bros and other autocratic billionaires and multi-millionaires already have so much money they probably couldn’t  spend it in two life-times without breaking the law — but they cry out like banshees that they “just can’t survive” if they have to contribute a few nickels  more of their obscene largesse.  The clamor about the poor — calling them “mooches” and “takers”,.  They lobby Congress and bribe politicians, steal Presidential elections and insist their “alter-boys” pols stack the Supreme Court with corrupt political hacks to subvert Democracy so they can use their enormous wealth to corrupt our government so they can make even more money.  The spend huge sums of money to kill unions, corrupt elections, suppress voters,  cut funding for education, unemployment, healthcare, food-stamps and any programs that would benefit anyone but themselves — like the governments are entities simply executing the “beck and call” of the very rich — to make “money-democracy” a private tool of theirs to create a body politic — the sole purpose of which is to create a corrupt system of “Sherriff of Nottingham” tax collectors who squeeze and extort money out of working people and the poor and the disabled — who have  lots less money and power and influence than they themselves have — and have their political agents deliver what the money they have extorted from working people and the poor — over to the very rich so that they can live even better than they could have before.

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Let’s face it!  These rich bastards are so greedy and so obsessed with getting another greasy buck in the fat bank accounts that they are okay taking away the livelihoods of millions of people and they don’t really care what happens to anyone but themselves.  Either send them to the Hague — or put the guillotines on the street corners and start removing their heads.  You won’t get an extra nickel from these clinically insane criminals unless you pry it from their cold dead hands with a tire tool after their heads lay in their blood in the streets.  These children in Connecticut, you Plutocratic bastards — you built that.  You and your greed and the Koch-Sucker Republican mercenaries you have created out of your inexplicably enormous selfishness and greed!

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May you live long enough to see the streets run red with the blood from you and your fellow Plutocrats” heads. “Off with your heads!”