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Rush Limbaugh Calling the Attack Dog Shots For the Romney Campaign! John Sunnu Plays the Doberman!

By Peter Le Force — Rush Limbaugh called for the Romney campaign to hit Obama with both barrels —  point out that he was a black guy doing drugs, wasn’t American, knew nothing about America, American  private business and the process of creating jobs.

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Hackneyed old, failed, criminally insane and morally compromised political creep John Sunnu rolled out on national cable news and recited the script that the resident GOP political genius and guru Rush Limbaugh ordered him to  — saying that he wished Obama “would learn how to be an American” (code for he is that black guy pretender in the “White House“), and that he worked in the “socialist” profession of community organizing, and never made a dollar in a real “private enterprise” business in his life.   Don’t those overweight, mentally challenged automoton white “yes” boys hate it that somehow the cool, smooth, black guy somehow “juked” and “shucked and jived” them and the rest of white bread America — and somehow “stole” the election from the guys that are entitled to win it — you know — the rich white guys!

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The Romney campaign, seemingly caught off guard by Sunnu’s John Bolton-like departure from rationality on national TV and ordered him to go public again and walk it back a little — to little avail.  Moral:  Don’t ask the “village idiot” to got back out into the town square and cry out again — to straighten out his crazed rantings and ravings a few hours after he said what he said but did not realize what he said wrong anyway — except — my god, there’s this black guy hanging out in the White House and nobody seems to get it — this is an emergency, an embarrassment —  and an outrage!

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .

With Bain Capital, Mitt’s Tax Form secrecy, his flip-flopping, his “retroactive resignation, his $6000 per year limited tax sheltered retirement plan  with $101 million dollars in it ( a feat that would require 16,800 years of continuous investment to fund to that level legally), his apparently fraudulent statements to the SEC stating that he was the sole shareholder, CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of Bain Capital — all while he did not actually even work or have a job there, according to him  — while drawing $100,000 per year salary for what he did not do while he was not there, while he was not working there, did nothing there, had no position or job there — now that’s a pretty good mind-twister to put out as a political press release.

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .

I’ll tell you what.  This nut-cracker pack of whing-dings continue to shock, awe, appall and thrill and entertain me minute by minute.  If there was a crazier bunch of incompetent candidates, campaign strategists and operatives ever to be involved in a campaign for  high office in this country — I don’t have any idea where you would begin to look for them.  It’s unparallelled. A truly totally flabbergasting mind-blower of a political happenstance.   GOP — spell that C-R-A-Z-Y!