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Eliot Spitzer Call Republican Convention Half-Truths, Mendacious Statements, Slurs, False-hoods, and Outright Lies Peddled by the GOP Ticket!

By Stephanie Devereaux — Eliot Spitzer summed it up nicely, I think, when he called the Republican Convention and its cast of nefarious characters out for peddling a string of “half-truths, mendacious statements, slurs, false-hoods, and outright laws’ in the name of political campaigning and conventioneering.  The only truly deserved word Mr. Spitzer left out, in my humble opinion, was “smears”.  There were plenty of Republican smears — which is just a nasty Republican lie that if it was not in the political arena and the players presumed political figures — there would doubtless be grounds for libel and slander lawsuits.  The fact that all the people involved are public figures gives the Republicans and their operatives legal cover.