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Montana Republicans Show Their Ku Klux Klan and John Bircher "Chops" With Their Bullet-Riddled Out-House!

By Bifford Caulfied -- With Barbara Espinoza calling President Obama a "monkey", and  Montana Republicans parading a "bullet-riddled" outhouse for the purpose of blaspheming Nancy Pelosi, President and First Lady Obama  - only serves to remind us that it is time to "whack-a-mole" these Republican racist, fascists back into their criminally insane caves.  They are fascist, racist, ignorant, un-American, and anti-democratic. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . It looks to me like these pro-slavery, pro-corporate, anti-deluvian, bigoted cretins have fired the first shots in the coming civil war  -- featuring the brain-dead lackeys of the evil-empire and their chromosome "z' pathologically inflicted minions -- and the rest of us -- who represent the long struggle to "build a more perfect union" and chart the course of civilization toward the evolution of a more just -- more enlightened, more inclusive world.