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Officials Guilty of Purging Voter Rolls in Florida Should Be Arrested and Charged With Voter Fraud and Crimes Against Democracy!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — The ghosts of an ethically challenged Jeb Bush and the obviously lunatic Katherine Harris have surfaced again in Florida,  as information emerged this week that tens of thousands of legally eligible voters have again been purged from the Florida voter rolls — just like it happened in the 2000 Presidential election which resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court judicial coup — which appointed George W. Bush, illegally, to the office of the President of the United States.

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The election in 2000 was stolen, first, by tens of thousands of legal voters being illegal banned from voting —  deliberately,  fraudulently and knowing) by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. Second — when those illegal acts still weren’t enough to assure George Bush a victory — thousands of the Gore votes were just not counted — giving George W. Bush a temporary lead in the vote count.  Third, when the Supreme Court of Florida ruled that the votes must be recounted and all of the votes accounted for — the U.S. Supreme Court in-judicially and unprecedentedly intervened and ordered the state of Florida not to recount the votes  — saying that do so would unjustly and irreparably harm the rights of George W. Bush (the divine right of the kingly Bushes to have their son be President, I guess).

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The bottom line — and it is a sad one, indeed — is that the Republicans have no ideas worth talking about that would appeal to ordinary Americans and no governing policies or programs they can espouse that would gather them many votes outside the 1% — if people voted in their own self-interest — and since lies and “cow pies of distortions” and hundreds of millions of dollars in Citizens United propaganda advertising still can’t get you elected — the only strategy Republicans have left is to deny the right to vote to tens of thousands of legitimate voters — who may be historically predisposed to vote for Republican opponents.

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There’s nothing sadder than the thought of hapless Republicans so morally bankrupt that despite having mountains of money, power, and news propaganda on their sides — they still have to commit multiple acts of  of voter roll purging fraud and demonstrable crimes against democracy in order to even  have a chance to win.  Sad, sad, indeed.  Poor Republicans!