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Romney-Ryan Big Lie # 4 — That Barack Obama Thinks People Did Nothing and Government Built Everything!!

By Silena Parthlemon — This big lie was the same parsing lie that Romney used earlier in the campaign when the Romney team used a snippet by Barack Obama describing something a McCain political operative said about the McCain campaign and ran an ad as if Obama had made the remark himself about himself and his campaign.  Now Romney and the Romney campaign knew that the video Obama was referring to was a matter of public record — that it could and would be easily debunked — but the did it anyway — and repeated it for days and days running — until they finally figured out that it might be making them look a little disingenuous.  But that is  not only their style — but their strategy.

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It’s as if Romney, Ryan and the gang realize that they have nothing going for them — and a lie is as good as anything else to fill the hundreds of hours of campaign spots — in which the Republicans and their candidates have absolutely nothing to say to the American people about anything — except — choose us — Obama is bad!

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The “We Did So Build That” play off the parsed quote of Obama pointing out that we all benefit from the things that we have all done together in building this country and the opportunities available because of that collective effort.

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President Obama was simply reminding people that “no one did it alone”.  He pointed out that — if you use the roads, bridges, the courts, the airports, etc,– and you’re in business — you didn’t build that — meaning — you and your business use the infrastructure in the conduct of your business — but you did not build it.  You use it.  All of us built it.

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The Republican “true-believers” were in Tampa shouting “we did build that!” — in a $134 million dollar convention venue — that the government itself through the taxes of the American people paid $89 million of the cost to build – precisely Obama’s point.  And to the extent that other money played a role in the construction of the center — there was probably even an additional not-insignificant amount of money used in the construction that was deducted — or shelter — or deferred — in some way on the tax returns of the business entities involved.  The whole theme of the Republican National Convention was absurd — because the very location of their strident pomp and circumstance and wild cheer-leading about how they all did build it all themselves was refuted by the very venue of the convention itself.  Like I said — it wasn’t just ironic — if was absurd — and dishonest — and ignorant!  But then — that’s the Republicans all over again isn’t it?