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Repeal The Hyde Amendment — Restricting Federal Funds From Being Used For Abortion Services Is Dark Ages — And Demoniacally Discriminatory and Oppressive to Women!

By Silena Parthelemon –– The Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 that abortions were legal in the U.S,  and Republicans and Christian evangelists have been fighting ever since to get that decision over-turned.  They partially succeeded in 1976 when Henry Hyde (R-Illinois) introduced the Hyde Amendment into the Department of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriation Act in 1976.   And until 1977, when the Hyde Amendment went into effect,  Medicaid covered abortion services in this country.
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Laws have been passed essentially legislating individual clinics out of business.  Laws have been proposed or passed declaring a zygote a legal person — and many other variations and twists on the same ideas and attempts.   In the debate on the Affordable Care Act, a law was introduced re-restricting  federal healthcare money from being used for abortions, a law that already existed in the Hyde Amendment.  And pro-abortion forces launched a vigorous attack, countering that the Hyde Amendment restrictions would remain in full force — by design.  The did this to placate the extremists in Congress.
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But the surprising thing about all of this is that even with 98% of women  of child-bearing age allegedly availing themselves of  some type of legal  contraception services sometime during their lives, Republicans and their evangelical buddies have managed to the women of America and their political allies on the defensive on this issue.  The find themselves championing the Hyde Amendment in order to get bills passed with even scant bi-partisan support.
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Instead of pleading frantically with Republicans during the Affordable healthcare Debate that it was already forbidden for federal funds to be used for abortion services — so there was no threat to those restrictions in the Affordable Healthcare Act, we should be actively working to repeal the Hyde Amendment proper. It’s a draconian, prejudicial, minority-supported law to begin with.    Just because a bunch of religious fanatics profess a religious belief that restricts their congregational members from having abortions, we don’t have to have that as part of our federal legal and healthcare system.
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The idea that we would prevent women who need or want abortion services from safely receiving those services as part of our national Healthcare system is positively medieval.  Let’s quit arguing that we have done everything we can to make sure that we are honoring the law restricting federal funds from being used for abortion services — and start actively asserting that the Hyde Amendment has no place in public law in the United States in the year 2012.
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If those dinosaurs want to live in a country in which the federal government is restricted from assisting a significantly vulnerable segment of our society from receiving the essential healthcare services they need, let them colonize another planet and move their cretin followers there, so they can practice their punitive cult rituals and onerous socio-religious rituals on women.  If that’s not a good enough option for them, maybe they could  petition their great white-man savior for a speed-up or a redo (whichever is appropriate in their minds) — on the “Rapture” time-table and group-up and get their anti-abortions derrieres  out of here.  Can’t wait!