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Colorado Should Be Very Ashamed of Dark Hearted Rep. Mike Coffman!

By Silena Parthlemon — As if the garden variety of ignorant birther-ism was not enough to embarrass Americans by itself, now a new darling of the Tea Party Republican  crazies emerges.  It’s like a particularly crazy-making virus that just keeps mutating. Kind of a Republican strain of “mad coward’s disease”.

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado), speaking at a May 12 fundraiser at the Elbert County Fairgrounds, was video-taped saying, “I don’t know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. I don’t know that,” Coffman said. “But I do know this, that in his heart, he’s not an American. He’s just not an American.”

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At this May 12 fundraiser at the Fairgrounds in Elbert County, Colorado,  Representative Coffman wrapped up a 12-minute speech to donors with this unsolicited discussion of President Obama’s citizenship and national identification.

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Now its obvious that Mr. Coffman is not very bright — sorry, I’m just really having trouble thinking of this idiot as a Congressman  — but this is really much more dishonest and ugly than that.  Of course it is absurd for Rep. Coffman to talk about what is in Barack Obama’s heart. — since doesn’t have a clue — and probably would not understand it if Obama shared it with him.  For one thing, to have a clue you would have to be nearly on par with the President in terms of the ability to express your feelings and share your sentiments and perspective on things.  Mike clearly is not and would not be capable of that.  In fact, I am guessing he is from a really desolate, rural and somewhat low-information voter area of Colorado.  I don’t know where Elbert County is in Colorado, but I would assume this to be the case based on the political acumen and general ignorance of political correctness manifest by the good Congressmen.

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We have seen “birthers”, tea-partiers, and Newt Gingrich — and even Mitt Romney — dance around the one issue that drives red-neck, tea-party, and southern biggots crazy — and it’s not Obama policy positions and it’s nothing Obama can do anything about.   It’s just that when Republicans want to say something to let their extremist right wing base know they are on their side  — they just remind them that they know that what burns them is we have a “black” man in the “White House”.  They know in this day and age they  they can’t come right out and say that the problem is that Barack Obama is black and that therefore we need to take our country back from the “black interloper” and put a white man back in the White House. They know they can’t say it in English.  So they say he is Kenyan.  That he wasn’t born here.  That he views are “alien” (like a black man’s would be to most white people, they think).  They say he is a European socialist, which is meaningless — but it suggests something far away — and quite different from you and me.  They say he doesn’t get it.  That he doesn’t believe in it.  That he doesn’t understand it.  That he doesn’t (because he can’t) understand America.  They say he is secretive — and mysterious — and doesn’t think like us — that he is, like we said — different.  Or, as Mike Coffman said, we all know that in his heart he is not American.

He’s black.  He’s foreign.  He is not an American.  At least not in his heart — there in the core of his being — the only place it matters.    We all know that.  We can see him.

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But what is saddest of all is not that Mike Coffman is cowardly,  manipulative, pandering — and racist.  What is really sad is that the good people of Colorado elected this cracker, redneck, racist hillbilly and sent him to Congress — where he could embarrass them, the state of Colorado, and the rest of the country == which is inherently saner, more honest, and more truly American than Rep. Coffman is.  Resign sir, and don’t every seek public office again.  If he doesn’t, please – Coloradoans — vote him out of office and send him back to the red-neck, racist obscurity of Elbert County — where he belongs!


Listen to the full audio from the event. The comment about President Obama is made at 11:30.